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Information on sponsoring:

Pro wrestling is one of the world’s most popular and exciting sports, and the number of fans is rising rapidly every year. There is also a very big and growing community of fans in Germany.

The advance of pro wrestling is unstoppable.

With its unique combination of high performance sport and excellent, exciting entertainment, pro wrestling never fails to thrill fans of all ages.

Today this broad-based fan community communicates mainly over the Internet and through live events. The Internet has made it possible for pro wrestling to reach everybody interested in the sport even in the farthest corners of the world.

Pro wrestling – an extraordinary entertainment sport.
This gripping sport has always fascinated people, whether young or old. Wrestling captures your interest as soon as you come into contact with the sport.

These days, anyone watching sport gets lots of information from the media. Sponsoring in sport is common practice, and is very important for all sports. Some sports are, however, inundated by sponsors, and this can lead to a sponsor not achieving his objective of attracting attention and interest in his advertising.

Spectators have now become used to the partnership between mainstream sport broadcast in the media and the sponsors. Because they have become so accustomed to it, the sponsor’s advertising no longer has any real impact.

On the other hand, a sponsoring partnership in pro wrestling is something new and out of the ordinary. This means the sponsor quickly becomes the focus of attention, and many media and fans immediately become very interested – in other words, the sponsor’s position is outstanding.

Try something new!

New European Championship Wrestling is a young, ambitious and expanding new league that wants to offer spectators a regular programme of exciting and, above all, family-friendly sport entertainment.

There are many different ways for sponsorship at an event or on our website.

New European Championship Wrestling would be very pleased to enter into a partnership that is profitable for both sides.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us by email at