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+++NEW at FITE TV!+++

In Hessdorf the champagne corks are popping because we have some awesome news to announce: The NEW has signed a contract with FITE TV, the number one platform for live transmissions of combat sports.
On FITE TV, you can watch a variety of combat sports events. FITE TV offers an on-demand program with more than 5,000 hours of archival material which in addition to combat sport events also offers countless documentaries, interviews, background information, etc.
FITE TV can be viewed either directly on the computer or via an app on all possible devices. Some programs are subject to a fee, but NEW can be viewed free of charge!
In addition to boxing and MMA, other wrestling leagues have also found a home here and so the NEW is now in the illustrious company of ROH and TNA.
The initial broadcast is (prospectively) Monday, March 13th with a live interview with Ex-WCW superstar and founder Alex Wright. The first NEW event will debut on March 14th at 11pm. And it all starts with Total Breakdown 2016, followed by Retribution on 21st March, and No Regrets on March 28th - so you have the opportunity to enjoy watching all the cool events of the NEW on FITE TV again at home on the sofa - and free of charge!
All further information and of course the possibility to register at FITE TV can be found here: